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sweetest flower. you are my piece, therefore be in the side.

Konekomata; icon community
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k o n e k o m a t a

A nekomata is a Japanese mythological creature, believed to metamorphose from domesticated cats. It was believed that after a cat reached ten years of age, its tail would slowly split into two tails, and along the way would develop magic powers, primarily those of necromancy and shamanism.
(More on nekomata?)

koneko is Japanese for kitten.

Examples of a nekomata would be Kirara from Inuyasha, the Pokémon Espeon, and Yugito from Naruto whom contains the two-tailed cat demon.

m e

So you've stumbled across missykitty0115's community~.
She's just your average amature graphic maker, always up for advice on how to approve. She currently uses Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and ImageReady, both of which she loves.

She's too busy with school to update too often, but she does try. ;_; Honestly.
She's lazy though, so she just likes to link people places. :D

Yep, and now she's run out of stuff to say. Ho hum.

r u l e s

Wha...there are rules?! zomygackt.

☆ credit is lovely~ ^^=
and only takes 3 seconds to do! (depending on how fast you type)

☆ hotlinking will kill photobucket. don't do it.
(in other words, don't use my urls, upload to your own site, 'kay?)

☆ comment if you like something! otherwise, how will I know what people like?

☆ feel free to friend the community. not only do I post graphics, but occasionally I music spam as well. (:

☆ stay nyappy! o(≧∀≦)o

a f f i l i a t e s

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if you'd like to affiliate with konekomata comment here or on any recent post. simply as that, yo. thanks~~.

c r e d i t s & t h a n k s

anybody who makes icons & tutorials... you win. :3

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disclaimer: unless otherwise stated, I don't own any series I iconize. nor do I own the music I post, simply spreading the love.